24 Mar A Prayer for Two Gardeners

Recently during Holy Week, I rejoiced and watched as 200 lovely young plants in Thai called “Baanburi” were planted in front of Step Ahead Bang Sak, in Khao Lak by two humble gardeners.. As they planted I just started to pray silently for them and their families. When they finished I asked if I could please pray for the blessing of God upon them and their families. Surprised and delighted, as though I had offered a thousand baht tip, they gratefully accepted my offering of prayer.

They bowed and I prayed. May these flowers grow beautiful, and may His love overtake these young men’s lives and families and draw them to Him, and fill them with your good gifts and the best gift of your love – make their lives a verdant garden full of His loveliness and joy. They know nothing today of Maundy Thursday, nor the mysteries of His giving us a new commandment, but somehow we had a bit of a service together in that new garden. Yet, one day ahead I may have the joy to know these men as brothers in Christ.

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