Helping Families At Risk Step Ahead

Through our “Keeping Families Together” program and child development center Step Ahead equips village leaders, families, and grassroots organizations to help the community create a sense of caring support for each other while safe-guarding those at risk, especially widows, orphans, women, and children.

Keeping Families Together: Today’s Strategy for the Future

There is an orphanage crisis in Thailand today with provinces like Chiangmai operating over 500 orphanages. At least 80 percent of children in orphanages actually have a family; but sadly, poverty forces these families to place their children in orphanages.

We partner with Orphans Promise to see orphans and vulnerable children become part of a loving sustainable family, empowered and strengthened through their community.

KFTfamilyKFT mobilizes grass roots organizations and the community to support families through holistic development trainings, income generation assistance, educational opportunities, psychosocial support, health care, and spiritual transformation.

At a fraction of the cost of supporting a child in an orphanage, Step Ahead is able to support at-risk families.



Child Development Centers: Building Bright Beginnings

IMG_5420In post-tsunami Khaolak, Step Ahead has provided quality daycare for over 800 families at our child development centers along the Andaman Coastline.

Research clearly demonstrates that to have a positive impact on the lives of children, we must start early. Children cannot learn when they are hungry, or sick, or too worried about their home situation to concentrate, and the first five years of life are critical in children’s brain development. Early childhood developmental skills are a key to giving marginalized children bright beginnings- preparing them for success in school and in life.

Thanks for standing with at-risk families today across Thailand.