Step Ahead with Savings and Credit Associations (SCA)

Micro-finance works with poor people utilizing small amounts of money, in order, to serve their particular micro-business and financial needs. Most recently its called financial inclusion.

In this way the working poor (or economically active poor) receive small loans or grants, and mentoring and training that changes their lives. Their businesses grow, increasing the security and well-being of their families, and most importantly, creating a foundation of hope for the future.

Without proper microfinance these people often have no option but the local money lender or loan shark who charges a minimum of 20 percent interest per month – it is this sort of exploitive service we seek to render redundant.

Microfinance take many forms and models.  While Step Ahead reached 1,200 clients in Klong Toey community several years ago, today we focus on local savings mobilization through promotion of grassroots Savings & Credit Associations. And through what we call “Economic Recycling” Step Ahead now serves widows, single moms, aunts and grannies in our non-institutional, family-based orphan care program- Keeping Families Together (KFT).

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