Klong Toey District – Greater Bangkok

An estimated 20 percent1 of Bangkok residents live in illegal squatter settlements across the capital. Withover 100,000 inhabitants2, Klong Toey is Thailand’s largest slum community and as such, the major focus of our work in Bangkok.

Making sushi to make a life in Bangkok slums.

Klong Toey, located next to the Port Authority of Thailand has existed for over 40 years. Here many of Bangkok’s lowest-paid workers have built homes accessible by a network of wooden boardwalks traversing swampland and rubbish and live as extended families. Residents receive limited recognition from public authorities and are always vulnerable to eviction.

The average income3 of a Klong Toey ‘working poor’ household is almost half the national average and 2/3 less than average Bangkok households. This disparity represents a genuine threat to survival.

Integrated Community Development with family-based orphan care makes changes everyday in Bangkok’s massive slum communities as their residents step ahead with us.


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