Essentially, Everyone Needs a Coach.

We are learning that to really step ahead effectively into the next big thing for your life, or just keep growing, everyone needs coaching. The point being: if top professional tennis players, for example, find that a coach can help them reach their goals- why not you. Of course, athletic coaching is very different than personal, executive, or leadership coaching. But, it’s clear coaching can help anyone who is motivated to develop and grow- do exactly that.

Coaching is a time bound process of working together (often weekly for 10 weeks, or more) to reach definite goals in specific areas of life. Kim and John Quinley took the core training of “The COACH Model” in early 2014.

Kim is now in the certification process as a Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF) COACH. This means she can be available to help you pursue your specific goals of personal and professional development through a series of coaching meetings done via Skype, or in person, if you are living in Bangkok.

To discuss setting up a series of coaching meetings with Kim

grid_300_300_templateKimberly Quinley hails from the USA and is married with four children (ages 21, 23, 24, 26). She studied Early Childhood Education and taught elementary school before her arrival in Thailand 31 years ago. Her first two years in Thailand were spent living at an orphanage in Northern Thailand. Seven years were spent church planting in Southern Thailand. Kimberly co-founded an integrated community development foundation called, Step Ahead, with her husband, John.

Since the 2004 Asian Tsunami, Kimberly’s vision to see communities caring for their own orphans, vulnerable children, widows, and families at risk, empowered and holistically transformed, led her to begin a program called, “Keeping Families Together.” This program has been reproduced in China and Vietnam. She also founded four child development centers and presently overseas two of them. Kimberly has been asked to serve the Thai Government through curriculum development and training using the 2010 UN Guidelines on Alternative Care in 2015.

Kimberly’s passion for alternative care for orphans and vulnerable children has led her to do extensive research on international and Thai law supporting vulnerable children and the impacts of residential care in the lives of children. She delivers training all over the world on caring for at-risk, vulnerable children.

Kimberly serves on several boards: CEOP’s International Child Protection Network Advisory Panel, NightLight International, Micah Network Regional Coordination Group, Compassio, Creative Life Foundation, ARK International, and Thailand’s Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) Coalition.

Kimberly’s certification as a Life Coach (ACC ICF) and three decades of experience living in Thailand helps her deliver quality consulting to Mission and NGO leaders, teams and individual staff.